About Us

Jobs Resulting in Trust

More than just deploying workers, we make it our purpose to forge respectable partnerships between foreign employers and Filipino employees that nurture the business, and career growth for both parties.

Experience Grows Expertise

Tthere’s no faking true skills and real talent. Founded by generations of experience in manpower recruitment, JRT Magica International’s leadership is guided by their own humble yet expansive career paths abroad.


It is only through hard work that great skills are honed, and this is why we make sure to rigorously screen and deploy only those who meet the credentials and proficiency that our principal employers need.


Applicants who have yet to meet the standards of overseas employment are assisted with experience programs to help them gain credible referrals to make them eligible for foreign opportunities.

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The Power of Partnership

An employer is more than just a boss, and a worker is more than just an employee. At JRT Magica, we establish value shared responsibilities with a goal to foster long-lasting trust and growth between the two parties.

Our Mission is to Serve

In line with our purpose, we uphold our three-fold vocation:


01. To efficiently connect respectable foreign employers with dignified Filipino skill, talent, and professionalism.


02. To intently uplift the lives of Filipino workers by giving them access to honorable jobs overseas where their talents and skills would be respected and valued, and help them grow as individuals abroad.


03. To faithfully support the Philippine overseas manpower industry by safeguarding professionalism, continuously innovating human resource practices, and maintaining respectful relations with foreign businesses and employers.

We’re happy to serve you